Key performance indicators

In order to monitor the progress of the University of Iceland´s policy on research and innovation, the following key performance indicators will be used:

  • The proportion of graduating doctoral students, i.e., the graduation rate of doctoral students completing their curricula on schedule.
  • The graduation rate of Master's students.
  • The annual number of high quality publications in each school, i.e., in ERIH journals, ISI journals and other peer-reviewed forums with stringent academic quality requirements, such as books and book chapters.
  • The annual increase in income from competitive research funds.
  • The number of interdisciplinary research projects of University of Iceland scholars that receive grants from competitive research funds.
  • The number of agreements with dynamic domestic and foreign collaborators.
  • The number of collaborative and development projects with parties from the business community and society.
  • The number of patent applications, granted patents and start-up companies.
  • The number of other exploitation projects (not leading to the founding of companies or patent applications).
  • The number of postdoctoral researchers.
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