Contents of a study plan

At the beginning of a programme, a doctoral student, supervisor and [faculty, school, University of Iceland] shall make a written programme plan, stipulating, among other things, the mutual duties and rights of the doctoral student, supervisor, doctoral committee and the Graduate School, on behalf of the University of Iceland. The programme plan shall include stipulations on the following points:

  1. Name and short description of the doctoral project.
  2. Plan for financing the programme and period of studies
  3. Relations between the supervisor and doctoral student, i.e., the supervisor's obligation to provide the doctoral student with supervision and other assistance, as relevant, and the doctoral student's obligation to apply himself diligently to the programme, in accordance with the provisions of the standards.
  4. Facilities for the programme, i.e., depending on the institution's obligation to provide the doctoral student with acceptable work facilities, ensure the doctoral student's safety, welfare and health and provide him with other assistance, such as financing for the programme, and the doctoral student's obligation to abide by the institution's work rules and the directives of statutes and regulations regarding, for example, safety, confidentiality, etc.
  5. If a doctoral project is to some extent done at an institution or company, a separate agreement regarding this shall be entered into between the doctoral student, the relevant faculty of the University of Iceland and the institution/company involved, wherein there are stipulations on the facilities, organisation of professional responsibility and communications, ownership of data, grants, wages and any other relevant points. This agreement shall accompany the programme plan. The Graduate School supervises the drafting of such agreements and confirms them on behalf of the University of Iceland. The relevant doctoral committee [or permanent committee of the faculty/school] supervises execution of the agreement.
  6. The publication right, i.e., as relevant, the return of original data upon completion of the programme, the submission of a manuscript(s) for an academic article(s) to peer-reviewed scholarly journals, authorisation to publish the doctoral dissertation, co-authorship, etc.
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