Contents of an annual programme progress report

At the beginning of each year, a doctoral student submits to the relevant faculty/school a programme progress report confirmed by the supervisor. Faculties/schools submit a copy of it to the Graduate School before 1 February. The following points shall appear in the programme progress report:

  1. Name and birth date of the doctoral student
  2. Start of the doctoral programme according to the programme plan
  3. Name of the supervisor
  4. Name and brief description of the doctoral project
  5. Number of units (ECTS) completed in the preceding year and the total number of completed units since the start of the programme
  6. Brief report on meetings with the supervisor in the previous year, for example, the number of meetings, data available at the meetings, decisions taken, etc.
  7. Brief report on the progress of the doctoral project during the previous year
  8. The previous year's published writings and/or intellectual works
  9. Participation in the doctoral student's symposium the previous year
  10. Participation in domestic and/or foreign conferences during the previous year
  11. Teaching jobs during the previous year
  12. Status and prospects regarding financing of the programme
  13. Programme facilities
  14. Planned conclusion of the programme
  15. Other things that the doctoral student would like to mention
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